The BareVitality Studio Online is created by Claudia Beyer; a holistic health, fitness and wellbeing professional, wife, mum to be, food lover and adventure seeker. Claudia’s holistic lifestyle came about through her own health struggles with autoimmune conditions and general love of fitness and healthy cooking. Balance allowed her to heal and not just survive but thrive. She since has worked with hundreds of individuals over the last decade to help them achieve a high quality of health and happiness!

Claudia is a qualified:

  • Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach
  • Yoga Teacher
  • Personal Trainer – Specialising in womens fitness, pre & post natal exercise & core conditioning!
  • Running Coach
  • Reiki Practitioner

Claudia founded and worked within The BareVitality Studio in popular Balmain, Sydney for 7 years, helping clients with their health, mindset, movement/ exercise & diet. This experience lead to The BareVitality Studio Online – a way to share the BareVitality way of life with a wider community.

Claudia’s experience working with so many busy, overwhelmed clients struggling to lose weight, find balance and feel energised over the years, highlighted the desire for a simple, holistic lifestyle approach that provided results! This is why Claudia creates The BareVitality Program, tailored for the modern day individual.


The BareVitality Studio Online Program Includes:

Daily Yoga & Fitness Videos For All Levels Of Fitness:
-10 Minute Workouts For All Levels & Abilities – focus on Core Conditioning, Upper Body, Lower Body & Mixed Resistance
-Yoga Practises
-Warm Ups/ Cool Down Sequence
-Pregnancy Safe Exercises & yoga (coming soon)
Nutrition & Healthy Recipes:
-Meal Plan
-Delicious & Easy Recipes
-Guidance For A Balanced Lifestyle
-Nutritionist Tips and Advice Sections
-Adaptations For Allergies and Nutritional Requirments
Wellbeing Daily Tips:
-Guided Meditation Recordings
-Essential oils
-DIY wellness
-Meditation practices
-Words of Inspiration
– Journaling
+ more….